Video Econans provides digital simulation and advice services for personal finances, generating more confident consumers and higher conversion for banks and real-estate firms. - Easy to integrate
- White label & adaptive
- Superior customer journeys



The forecast and simulation tool that creates an attractive customer experience in the bank’s digital channels. For higher engagement and conversion.

Automated advice

The advanced robot provides proactive advice based on the consumer’s financial data and shortens the banks’ manual processes.

Green Journey

Automated guidance, tips, and insights for greener homes.

Econans today

500 000

Users per month

4 x

Higher conversion

7 min

Use time on average

Our position

Use Econans tools to meet the customer earlier on the journey towards a financial decision.

Illustration A customer journey

Reference cases

Landshypotek Bank

Landshypotek Bank uses Econans’s forecast product Foreteller to successfully help their customers take major – and safe – financial life decisions.


This is one of Sweden's largest real-estate firms. Together with Econans’s product Moving Calculator Fastighetsbyrån helps thousands of people to calculate and realise their housing dream.


Working together with Econans, Länsförsäkringar is helping consumers feel secure in their housing purchases, with successful collaborations in Länsförsäkringar’s real-estate and banking operations.

”I like how Econans tackles a major societal challenge in a very concrete way. The combination of helping users and then converting was something that made me believe in Econans. A win for customer, bank and society.”


– Michael Wolf, ex CEO Swedbank and adviser at Econans