Our Products

The focus of our product development is all about making our solutions solve our customer’s challenges. To ensure that the product development is successful it is based on the latest research in this field and on thorough testing with potential end-customers to collect their valuable insights and feedback. Measuring the impact and results of products that are live also creates an important feedback loop for our ongoing product development. As the products are adapted and customized to each bank and market the banks also play an important role in creating the end-products that are delivered.


The Foreteller forecast tool – for banks.

Based on statistics, research, financial regulation and your personal data, this service delivers simulations for your personal finances, broad-based and forward-looking. Take control and test scenarios to realise your personal and financial dreams!

Econans’s Foreteller creates an attractive and relevant customer experience in the bank’s digital channels. The bank helps consumers and thus convert them over to the bank’s products. A win-win situation!

Automated advices

We provided the first automated advice robot for mortgages in the Nordics. Together with lawyers specialising in financial regulation Econans developed a robot for automated advice to meet housing acquisition needs. The robot provides proactive advice based on the consumer’s financial data and shortens the banks' manual processes.

Green Housing

Automated guidance, tips, and insights for greener homes.

• Benchmark environmental footprint of existing or potential new home.
• Provides tips and insights to help customers make a positive impact – and save money.
• Forecast the impact of personal green home initiatives.

Co-Innovation Workshops