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We are experts in simulation of personal finances.

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Our products.

Moving Calculator

Verktyget som svarar på vad skillnaderna i boendekostnader blir vid en ny bostad. Testa olika scenarion direkt i tjänsten.

Forecast financial service

A service based on statistics, research, regulations and your personal data and delivers future forecasts on how your finances can look like, broad and forward. Take control and test scenarios of your dreams!


Actual values

- One hundred thousand users per month
- Several minutes on average use 
- Thousands of leads to business

Social values

- Safer consumption 
- Increased financial knowledge 
- Increased well-being


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We love coffee ... and talking about our smart services.

Call David Klamer (CEO) on tel. 070-406 91 33 or send an email at

Call Tobias Lewandowski (Business Development) on tel. 070-353 12 26 or send an email at 

See you at Kyrkogatan 20-22 in Gothenburg.

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The Econans family is growing

We are a great team of developers, UX designers and financial nerds and we need to be become several more! Right now, we are looking for more developers and economists who want to dig into important societal issues and smart digital solutions. If that sounds interesting then send an email to

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